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Cheryl Munson

Monroe County Council






I love Monroe County -- our beautiful setting and our diverse and vibrant community -- and I want to help guide its future.

As your County Councilor, I will use my compassion, knowledge, and experience to:

Attend to fiscal responsibilities. Setting County budgets is an exercise in understanding community values and setting priorities. We must be responsible about tax rates, debts, spending, and our changing climate. Elected officials must work collaboratively with staff to fairly compensate county employees and restructure services for greater efficiency and sustainability.

Preserve our valuable resources. We must strive to ensure that the natural, cultural, and governmental resources that our residents and businesses value and depend upon - and that make our county the best in the state - are protected. This includes Lake Monroe, a significant economic asset that provides our drinking water, recreation, and much more.

Build resilience. Our County should plan for current needs and future changes in a way that is sensible and manageable, so that the community qualities we treasure will endure. This means expanding affordable housing, decreasing food insecurity, improving our justice and mental health systems, mitigating increasing temperatures and rainfall, and growing transportation connectivity.

I pledge to work collaboratively on the Council to help shape our county's future and to keep the concerns of county residents at the forefront.

Experience Counts. I have 24 years of local government experience in elected positions: 8 years of service on the Monroe County Council, including 2 as Council President, and previously 16 years in Township government. My community work before I was elected to the Council prepared me well for the job (see: About Cheryl). While serving on the Council, my work for the county and in not-for-profit organizations has given me broad knowledge of our community's assets and needs.

My past and continuing service include:

  • Convention and Visitors' Commission
  • County Solid Waste Management District Board
  • Public Safety Local Income Tax Committee
  • Sophia Travis Community Services Grants Committee
  • Steering Committee for the Convention Center, Expansion
  • Community Corrections Advisory Board
  • Lake Monroe Watershed Management Steering Committee
  • Lake Monroe Water Fund Steering Committee
  • Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Committee (Transportation)
  • Ambulance Advisory Board
  • Council liaison to the Sheriff's Department, County Jail, Health Department, Auditor's Office Treasurer's Office, Recorder's Office, County Fair Board, Emergency Dispatch

As an active member of our community, I also serve on the Board of Directors for:

  • Indian Creek Community Association
  • Friends of Lake Monroe
  • Monroe County History Center

2020 is a momentous election year for government at all levels. Here at home, I hope you'll support me with your vote for County Council, At-Large. If you have questions about County government or my goals, I would be glad to talk with you. I'm just an email or phone call away.

Check your Voting Registration and Find your Polling Site Here:

(812) 325-3407
Cheryl Munson for Council
6707 W. Rock East Road Bloomington, IN 47403

(Campaign Committee: Lee Jones, Chair; Dorothy Granger, Treasurer; Dan Combs; Mike Drescher; Jeff Holland; Iris Kiesling; Sherry Mitchell-Bruker; Dee Owens; Olivia Reed; Meri Reinhold; Jim Sims; Will Smith; Vicky Sorensen; Jim Stainbrook; Amy Swain; Dave Warren; Carol Wilson; Charlotte Zietlow)

Statement of the Monroe County Council (April 2020)

During this COVID-19 emergency, and as always, the Monroe County Council prioritizes the health, safety, and well-being of all Monroe County residents. Please be assured, though it is not business as usual for any of us, the Council is working with the Monroe County Board of Commissioners and other units of government to ensure resources are allocated swiftly and efficiently to minimize the distress this pandemic is placing on our employees and the community.

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Cheryl Munson for County Council
(Dorothy Granger, Treasurer)
6707 W. Rock East Road, Bloomington, IN 47403

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