Cheryl Munson for County Council, Democrat

Help Cheryl

There are several ways to help Cheryl in this COVID 19-Careful (socially distanced) campaign.

1. An important message from our campaign treasurer: "Please donate, if you can, via check or credit card on PayPal. Donations will be directed to a mailing, to reach as many voters as campaign funds will allow. A mailing is important for getting Cheryl's qualifications and platform before the voters. In Novemenber she is facing two Republican challengers, plus a write-in independent candidate." - Dorothy Granger, Treasurer

Checks: Cheryl Munson for Council
6707 W. Rock East Road
Bloomington, IN 47403


2. Electronic connections reach many voters: * Tell your email friends who live in Monroe County about Cheryl's website:

* Visit Cheryl's Facebook page: Cheryl Munson for County Council - Then share info on your page and encourage your friends to vote.

3. The paper persuasion: Just send an email to to offer your help:

Volunteers are needed to:

* Deliver or pick up campaign signs.

* To take a shift or two to pass handouts for Cheryl at Early Voting for the General Election or at polling sites on Election Day.

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Contact Cheryl: 812-325-3407

Paid for by Cheryl's Campaign Committee
Cheryl Munson for County Council
(Dorothy Granger, Treasurer)
6707 W. Rock East Road, Bloomington, IN 47403

Revised: February, 2020